Particularly Couples At Christmas and Beyond...

I don't need to spell out some of the tensions that exist at this time of know something is causing you more anxiety then a festive season and a short holiday period should.


Maybe you've tried to square the growing concerns in your head by placating yourself with rational talk ...

he/she has been a great parent and we get on pretty well some, or even, most of the time. We've been together so long and anyway its just normal to have ups and downs in any relationship.

Of course it's true that all relationships have their ups and downs, but when we have a growing, niggling anxiety that this feels more then a passing concern, it might be time to act.

What might have stopped you in the past from contacting someone for help? 

It can be hard to admit to yourself that something feels too complex to handle personally; you might believe this to be some kind of weakness in yourself or your relationship. But lets consider why this anxiety exists; it could feel to you that if you open up a conversation, your worst fears might come true, that the conversations you've been having in your own head may become more real when voiced openly, but this might not actually happen. Firstly, when we turn thoughts over endlessly in our minds, we are not considering new or different perspectives on the can we? These are our thoughts, constructed in our own minds and therefore we are repeating the same or similar ideas only.

The new year is a time when many of us re-assess things. It is dark, the days are short and we are in reflective moods after the holidays. I would like to invite you to open up an initial conversation if what you have read here, or anything else you've read on my site, is of interest to you.

I start from a point of hopefulness. A conversation is just that is a sharing of thoughts, a clarifying of meanings and possibly the beginnings of a new and fruitful way forward. This may be the first point of active change, or it maybe the unravelling of thoughts you've had for months or years that require little 'action' as such, but a refreshed perspective...I would like to welcome you in to my practice and look forward to hearing from you.


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