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North London T: 07909 910 624 E: karen@karenaramtherapy.co.uk

Clinical Supervision


I offer clinical supervision to both students, newly qualified therapists and experienced practitioners. 

I believe supervision works most creatively and productively if there is a dynamic, supportive and inquiring element to the working relationship. 

Although my special area of skill is working with couples, relationships and sex, I welcome therapists and counsellors from other modalities.

I see my role as multi-dimensional, but essentially I see my focus as;

  1. Supporting and developing your therapeutic potential with your clients.
  2. Identifying blocks, impasse and stuckness within the work and reflecting on interventions, techniques and ideas to move forward.
  3. Identifying useful resources, reading and cpd when appropriate.
  4. Taking an overview of client work when necessary, while reflecting on the details when needed.
  5. To look at best practice, self-care and issues of ethics in clinical context.

Models of supervision vary, but essentially the '7 Eyed Model' can create a good broad spectrum from which to work. 

COSTS: I offer a sliding scale depending on whether you are training or in practice. I usually offer 1 1/2 hr sessions, but am happy to do an hour as well. For 1 hour £70-£85. For 1 1/2 hours, I charge between £100-£120, with students paying the lower rate. 

I offer face-to- face or online supervision

I look forward to hearing from you.

North London

T: 07909 910 624

E: karen@karenaramtherapy.co.uk

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